River View RV Park website


River View RV Park website

River View (Briggs) RV Park is a scenic area outside of Fort Pierre that offers RV and camping sites for people who are passing through the area or planning to stay for the summer. They offer many modern amenities that some campgrounds might not have such as on-site laundry and WiFi.


The website needed to be more modernized in order to provide more information to potential campers as well as more functionality in terms of booking camping sites. The previous website didn’t respond well to mobile devices and didn’t work well with the client’s preferred branding. The previous website didn’t offer much in terms of accessibility for visitors with disabilities


The current website is more in line with what the client wanted to portray with their website. The website color scheme and imagery works better with their branding surrounding the American flag. The hero image also relates more to the scenic qualities of their RV park location. The layout of the website displays necessary content on different mobile devices to help improve the reach of their business. Modifications made to the layout itself allows for a better user experience for all visitors to the website regardless of disability.