Faith Lutheran website


Faith Lutheran website

This Pierre-based church needed a website redesign to inform it’s members. The church leadership needed to increase their information availability. Events and sermon details needed to be accessible. First time church visitors needed to know what to expect.


Faith Lutheran’s website was dated at the point of the redesign and needed a better user experience. The website itself needed to be more responsive with a modern to reach more people on different devices and be more eye catching. The website itself also needed to meet branding requirements for LCMS related media. The homepage itself needed more content regarding parish information. The previous website was in need of a more pronounced area for a link to information for people interested in the church.


The new website has an improved user experience for members of the parish and new visitors. The website responds to different digital device sizes to help reach more of the congregation with more information about church news, sermon notes, and other events at the church. The overall look is more modern with the large “hero” image, sticky main navigation, and flat design for individual content areas throughout the website. Visitors who are interested in information on the parish can click on the link in the devoted “new visitor” section of the homepage.