Hello WordPress world!

02/25/19 Uncategorized

The last few months I’ve been working my website a lot more. Making changes to static pages isn’t terribly complicated if you don’t have a lot of content. With the updates I was making to my portfolio it started to feel like a lot of the process could be automated for adding content to my website. I’ve also gotten more of an itch to write a bit more about things that I’m working on and sharing progress. You know, things a CMS such as WordPress could handle for me.

It was time to move over to a CMS. WordPress is arguably one of the most popular platforms out there right now in terms of extendability through plugins and theme development. I also considered Craft and Drupal due to their popularity. Creating the theme based off of my static website took a bit of time but I’ve done a bit of PHP before along with some other front-end coding. I’ll probably end up doing another theme sometime soon, but the content should be a lot easier to handle.

I’m excited to start trying some new things with having things on a CMS. The WordPress ecosystem keeps changing with the Gutenburg editor and I’ll probably dabble in some other page builders to see how that speeds up posting and creating pages. I’ll also post more in-progress work along with some other topics.